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Secure Truck Insurance

We are here to make all things in the easier way. We have experienced agents, finest brokers, and affordable range of policies that will protect the place of your business and your truck. The areas that we serve in are New Jersey area, our neighboring communities, and 20 states nation-wide. We are fascinated to provide you the most far-reaching coverage options for any type of vehicle. It is always necessary to protect your truck from any kind of destruction and we are there for you. We all are aware that it is very essential to protect your truck from any kind of destruction. This is because the maximum risk comes by riding the vehicle on the road. By seeing this, we always take care of your priorities like ours. We always keep this in our mind that a transporter’s time is very precious. So, by thinking this, we are always available for consultation, queries, payments, policy review, and claim reports. You must ensure your truck anywhere and anytime, like any other vehicle. We are thus available for you.

Covering Industry Sector

A liability that is included whenever you use your truck for personal use apart from business work is known as non-trucking liability. There is no coverage under your trucker’s liability or business auto policy since you are not driving the truck for business purposes. It covers mobile equipment like forklifts, tractors, cranes, etc.

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We deliver creative strategies; tactics and approaches that help our clients grow their business. Some examples are listed below:  

Physical Damage Coverage​

The protection of trucks from damage and theft comes from the physical damage coverage.

Non-Trucking Liability​

There is a difference between non-business purposes and business-related purposes.

Bobtail Insurance

If you are a bobtail and also you are your own boss. You can always trust us as we are here to help...

Motor Truck Cargo Liability

A for-hire trucker transporting cargo is responsible for the loss of transport or damage on the road. They should not take stress about the load transfer.

Automobile Liability

The driver’s first priority should always be everyone’s safety and it should always be kept in mind.

Trucking Insurance

As you all are focused on trucking, we are focused on trucking insurance. You do not have time to worry...

General Liability Coverage​

The general liability insurance helps in covering the vehicle from financial loss.

How It Works

1:- Take the first step, contact our consultant to get a quotation and further assistance.

2:- Our manager will process your application and arrange a meeting to discuss the details.

3:- Prepare all the necessary documents and send them for verification.

4:- Get your insurance and stop worrying about your future, protect yourself and your family.

All Features

The interesting part is that we deliver Innovative strategies, techniques, and approaches that help our client enhance their business in every manner. Take a look below.

Primary Auto Liability

There are two segments in Primary Auto Liability. Firstly, it is the body injury liability that is caused by the driver to someone else in any kind of accident. Secondly, it is the property liability insurance that covers the damage caused by the driver to a third party in an accident. On the other hand, it is the primary auto liability that never covers your own damage that occurred in an accident.

Transportation Operations

There are different frameworks in every transportation operation that needs to allocate in calculating, and assuring, the risk in your business. A risk management program can be regenerated according to your demand, cover liability exposures and business assets, and meet regulatory requirements.

Physical Damage

The truck from damage and theft should always be protected and it is mandatory in any case. This will help to make your business freely and also ensure your future expenditure. There are plenty of options to protect your transport, including crash insurance and combined coverage, which covers fire and looting. It is all offered by physical damage policy.

Motor Truck Cargo

The dream of any for-hire trucker transporting cargo is being held responsible for product loss or causality at the delivery site. The perk of this type of coverage is that policyholder has control over the nature of their policy. Also, the policyholder can choose the amount of their out-of-pocket deductible. Which may results in less monthly insurance rates overall.

Non-Trucking Liability

Mostly, trucks always have heavy duties to cover on the road. The trucks do not have rest unlike humans. Many drivers use their vehicles for personal purposes as well. In case, of damage or accidents, any commercial policy cannot cover physical damage caused to a third party. But you need to know that Non- trucking liability coverage covers this kind of damage.

General Liability

There is a protection for business services given by general liability coverage that are indirectly connected to operating a vehicle. There is need of improvement to account for fair arrangements and the risk is muddled in insuring your business from most policies that cover the same liabilities and plot.

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